Man Arrested For Allegedly Holding 8 Women Hostage In Sandy Springs Mansion; But It Seems Like They Were Living Pretty Lavish!

lavish lifestyle

A man by the name of Kenndric Roberts, 33, was arrested by the FBI and Sandy Springs investigators on Wednesday for allegedly holding 8 women hostage. According to reports, Kenndric was a pimp, holding his prostitutes “hostage.”

But get this, the women weren’t held hostage in a prison like home, the women were being kept inside a 6,806-square-foot mansion. The house was filled with gifts for the women, plenty of food, champagne and other luxuries.

Kenndric Roberts is being charged false imprisonment and trafficking of persons for labor, Worsham said.

Below are videos from the home where he brought gifts for all 8 of the women and they’re all caucasian.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

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