(Details Inside): He’s No Good: Ex NBA Star Amar’e Stoudemire Cheated On His Wife Of 5 Years, Alexis Welch, Plus Is Paying Her Thousands A Month For Their Love Child!

credit: Getty Images; Instagram

credit: Getty Images; Instagram

Via DailyMail,

A native of Massachusetts, Lovett claims in her complaint Amar’e Stoudemire has not been involved with the child, has not visited and hasn’t paid any of her maternity bills, which she estimated to be around $11,000.
Stoudemire, 34, claims in court papers he has been giving the little girl’s mother a monthly stipend for the child and paid her legal bills.

Calling her lawsuit ‘frivolous,’ the 6-foot-10 Florida native countered that he was ‘informed of his paternity several months after the child was born’ and has been paying Lovett ‘various amounts,’ including $22,500 in legal bills.
Stoudemire claims he established regular child support payments on Nov. 1, 2016, although the amount wasn’t revealed in the court papers.

The file bears no details about Stoudemire’s relationship with Lovett.
Until June 2016, Stoudemire was a bench player with the Miami Heat and the woman lived in a luxury high-rise just north of Miami Beach.
Records in Lovett’s native Massachusetts also show she originally sued Stoudemire in Middlesex County in November 2016. The case was dismissed in March, and she filed in Florida a month later.
Neither Lovett nor Stoudemire responded to calls for comment. And neither Lovett’s lawyer nor Stoudemire’s would comment when contacted by DailyMail.com.

Her mother, Judy Lovett, 64, declined to comment about her new granddaughter but said: ‘All you need to know about my daughter is that she’s smart as a whip.’
In court documents, Lovett describes herself as a ‘stay-at-home mother’ and says she’s not looking for employment. Her income in 2016, according to her financial disclosure, was $2,983 until Stoudemire started paying her $4,333 a month in temporary child support.

Stoudemire arrived in the National Basketball Association in 2002 and quickly became known as a bruising force near the boards. It is estimated he made more than $160 million in his career so far.
After playing for the Phoenix Suns until 2010, the six-time all star signed with the New York Knicks.

He left the Miami Heat last summer after one season and signed a two-year deal to play for the Israeli professional league team of Jerusalem.
‘I have been aware since my youth that I am a Hebrew through my mother, and that is something that has played a subtle but important role in my development.’ He visited Israel that year, saying he intended ‘to get a better understanding of [his] heritage
At the time, he said in an interview: ‘This is a very, very emotional decision for me because, at this moment, I have to uproot my family who has been stable in the U.S. to move to a different country.
‘It’s also a spiritual journey as well,’ he added when he described living in the ‘Holy Land’ as a ‘dream come true.’

Quynn Lovett, 36, is asking a Florida judge to officially declare that Stoudemire is indeed the father of a little girl named Zoe Renee. Lovett also wants permanent child support as well as full custody, the paperwork shows.


credit: facebook

credit: facebook

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