Faith Evans Joins Love & Hip Hop Atlanta?



Grammy Award Winning Veteran R&B Vocalist Faith Evans is apparently joining her alleged new boo Stevie J on the upcoming season of ‘Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta’. She and Stevie J have known eachother for years. Their friendship goes back to the 90’s during the Bad Boy Records heyday when Stevie was a record executive

Via Centric:

According to, insiders are already claiming that the  singer is already acting “very ratchet.”

“She started fighting Stevie and not with words either. She put hands on him,” shared on insider. “Security quickly broke up the scuffle and Stevie and Faith ended up making up.”


If you know your hip hop history or if you remember the movie Notorious about the life and death of legendary rapper Biggie Smalls (whom Faith was married to at the time of his murder and have a child with) you’ll remember that she is not shy about putting her hands on someone if she is getting disrespected.  But for the most part Faith has kept a low profile and always kept a classy demeanor about herself, i’m not sure if I want to see her act that way on reality TV. If you remember her on R&B Divas: Atlanta on Tvone she was the calm one out of that crew. Faith honey this type of reality show is very low brow for you so please do not get on here and act a damn fool.

Will You Be Tuning In?

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