Fashion Fix: Rose Water Apparel Collection

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If you’re looking for an upcoming brand to rock, then you should definitely look into Rose Water Apparel. Rose Water Apparel is a lifestyle brand created and based out of the Bay Area, California. The brand is centered around two major elements represented by the two facets of its name. The Rose is for progression, as a seed gradually grows over time to become a flower, and growth is what they’re all about. The Water element of their brand represents a self-conscious lifestyle; without water a rose could never grow and without being self-conscious, they could never grow to their full potential. This is a microcosm of thier brand; it can only grow if it is given the proper support and love from visionaries and artists all around. Shayyan Ahmad created the brand in 2013 with the idea of making something completely different that represented his vision for style and art in a new era. An artist and designer in his own right, Ahmad set out to innovate and invoke this idea of progression to the world around him. Rose Water Apparel provided the perfect medium to spread the notion of growth and individuality while created a brand and vision entirely different from anything currently existing.

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Their fist official release was the RealEyes Collection:

(The REALEYES Collection was created through our take on the third eye. An extra eye located slightly above the middle of the two eyes. To us the third eye is a symbolization of the mind, which means if you were to open your third eye you would be living with an open mind. The mind is a tool which should be opened to knowledge and positivity. Instead we tend to open our minds to negative and non progressive information. Until we REALEYES this we can never progress to our full potential.)


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