Gunna (feat. Playboi Carti) – “Same Yung N*gga”


Gunna and Playboi Carti quietly delivered a sneakily good record on Die Lit, to very little fanfare. “No Time” was just the type of record to go unpronounced by the fleeting rap connoisseur – props to anyone who remarked upon their first outing on Drip Season 2, before the Gunna’s luxuriate benchmark was put in place – an era in which Carti was still finding his footing in absurdist territory.

When Gunna and Carti intermingle, the notion of musical authorship gets tossed out the window. They both bring their own stylistic underpinnings to the table, even though at times, Carti is hard to defend in a Binary World. Sadly enough, disguised experimentation like Carti’s personally-affect style, takes years to build as a whole.

On “Same Yung N*gga” the focus is simple: Gunna plays the cheeky bugger who hides room key in an impossibly remote location, while Carti assures himself $50,000 on the back end, just in case it snows. In my own estimation, Gunna’s Drip or Drown 2 is as polished a project as he’s ever put out, except for maybe Drip Season 3, if my vote were soaked in nostalgia.

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