(REVIEW): Intercontinental Hotel “Toro Toro” Restaurant Is The Best In South Florida!


If you’re ever in Miami and you decide to stay at the Intercontinental hotel downtown you will not have to go very far to experience good food. Toro Toro is one of my new favorite places to visit for quality service and quality dining. Located directly in the hotel lobby inside the Intercontinental, one Friday night I decided to give “Toro Toro” a try. Before I arrived a reservation was set and when I got there I was instantly escorted to my seat.



My waitress Ruth was completely amazing, she suggested so many great things on the menu that I could hardly decide what to order. I started with one of their alcoholic beverages, pineapple express, which was absolutely amazing. For dinner I ordered the boneless half chicken, loaded mashed potatoes and the caramelized plantains. Everything was amazingly appetizing and cooked to perfection.



For dessert I had to try what the restaurant was famous for, their La Bomba dessert. It’s a bowl made from chocolate that they break on the table and inside the bowl it’s filled with strawberry and vanilla ice cream, cookie crumbles, strawberries, blueberries and topped with caramel and strawberry sauce. What’s so great about this place is they also have a happy hour. So, once you finish eating your meal you can head to the bar, grab a drink and sit and mingle.



I felt like a kid in a candy store, I’d highly recommend, especially if you’re staying at the intercontinental hotel, that you experience Toro Toro for yourself you’ll definitely enjoy it.

Plan on taking a visit? Check out the restaurants information below.

WEBSITE: Toro Toro Website
INSTAGRAM: Toro Toro Instagram

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