(Video Inside): Jhene Aiko Says When She Had Her First Date With Big Sean, Her Husband Was Sitting At Home Waiting For Her!

According to Bossip, singer Jhene Aiko visited BBC radio and spilled the beans on her love life, getting her booty ate like groceries and past heart-break with hostess Dotty.

Interestl, Jhene says she and Sean had been friends for a while before making it official, but won’t put a date on the start of their courtship. If you can remember, Jhene was married and then divorced producer Dot Da Genius. Welp, Big Sean was around before and after Dot, even throughout two of Sean’s relationships…the duo made sweet music together. She even got his face tattooed just TWO weeks after finalizing her divorce.

In the interview Jhene recounts an “ex” who she says betrayed her by being secretly married to his baby mama, and she found out when the woman confronted her on the phone. Jhene says before they broke up, however, Big Sean asked to take her to a basketball game and she accepted his offer. Throughout the night, Sean treated her like a “date”. Soon after, she and ole boy broke up…but she and Sean didn’t connect until years later.

Hmmm, does is sound like Jhene stuck around just long enough to cheat back on her “ex” with Sean?

It seems like the two stayed in touched and eventually said F—- IT, let’s be together…Peep her story here:

J: I told my boyfriend I was going to this game…

D: And he didn’t try to stop you?

J: No

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