Khalid and Clairo Free Spirit August 17 Concert Review

Clairo (pronounced Clare – Oh) celebrated her 21st birthday with her incredibly supportive Miami fans. Her soft yet powerful voice stunned the crowd as she bopped and beamed all over the stage, exclaiming in sheer joy. Her band stood out with amazing live performances while engaging the crowd by swaying their arms side to side. They got a nice little sway going with the general admission section in the front. As her set finally came to a close, she closed out with “Forever” and just as the set reached the home stretch, Khalid and a friend came out in classic Elmo and Cookie Monster suits! Once he revealed his identity the crowd went wild! He stayed on stage to sing a few bars with Clairo before putting his Elmo head back on and heading backstage. Everyone went nuts! Miami was so happy to celebrate her 21st birthday with her. 

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During intermission the crowd was left to the intermission jams and of course as any concert vet knows, the wave commenced! Going around the arena multiple times, it was a great way to hype to crowd up. Ending with a brave solo dance from a girl in the crowd, the lights came down and Khalid finally stepped foot on stage. 

Lights go out, the music starts, and we’re introduced to the unique story of what it means for Khalid to grow up as a high school Free Spirit in El Paso, Texas. Radiating his goofy and fun personality, you can tell Khalid knows how to work a crowd; stage presence is clearly not an issue for this 21-year-old. I was truly blown away by the colorful yet sleek styling and high quality of the stage production and lighting design. Khalid and his team were able to seamlessly play with texture, depth, and digital/physical attributes in a modern yet nostalgic way, contributing perfectly to the story. My personal favorite aspect (and the one I thought was most creative and appealing) was the fringe curtain instead of a completely sheer one wrapping center stage. Overall the concept of the Free Spirit within the entire crowd felt like it was projected back onto the stage to Khalid, creating a weightless, carefree cycle of energy.  From classics like “Location” and “Talk” to the lesser-known, fan-requested songs like “Keep Me” and “Raining in Miami,” there was something for everyone to dance and sing along to. 

Closing night was one for the books. The final show of the Free Spirit chapter will forever live in our memories and hearts. Khalid is truly a living icon and clearly had so much fun living his dream on tour. Cannot wait to see what his future holds!

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