(Video Inside): Lebron James Ejected From First Game Ever For The First Time In His Career!

According to FreeOnSmash, Lebron James loves to argue calls and he felt like he was fouled after a drive to the rim and was swarmed with defenders. There was contact, but the ref did not call it. Shortly after, James ran to the official and yelled at him, even mimicked an uppercut because the emotions took over him.

That’s when he was given a double technical and thrown out of the game.

It only took three quarters of the game and 15 years of his career to have this happen, so it’s not like he’s DeMarcus Cousins, getting ejected all of the time.

The Cavs ended up winning 108-97 anyway, so it made no difference that LBJ was ejected. Kevin Love scorched the Heat for 38 points and lead Cleveland to victory.

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