Pastor John Gray Speaks The Truth About His Infidelity, Hear A Voicemail From His Alleged Mistress About The Backlash For Gifting His Wife Lamborghini

According to The Jasmine Brand, only four months in, 2019 has been a rocky year for Pastor John and First Lady Aventer Gray. The stars of the OWN Network’s “The Book of John Gray” have gone through several media attacks about John’s brief “emotional affair” and rumors of spending Relentless Church’s money on a $200,000 Lamborghini for Aventer. Days before Saturday’s (4/6/19) season premiere of “The Book of John Gray,” John and Aventer sat down with V-103’s “The Morning Culture” radio show in Atlanta to, again, clear the air on their relationship with their friend, Frank-Ski. They first addressed the controversy with the ladies of “The Real.” Pastor and First Lady opened up about John’s cheating with their congregation at Relentless Church to illustrate that they, too, make mistakes and need the grace from God that they preach about. From there, rumors spread like wildfire about the nature of John’s affair. They explained the truth once and for all: “Pastor John Gray: Here’s the truth. The truth is I put my wife in harm’s way. There was someone I knew for many, many years- all the way into my teenaged years…we were helping her. Aventer Gray: Key word: ‘we.’ Nobody even asked us! They do an interview with anonymous, and that’s what goes crazy! John: It went from help to there was a place in me that never healed that surfaced. And, by the way, this was almost a year and a half ago. This important because people think it’s now? It’s not. Everything that y’all heard, my wife heard. Voicemails? She heard. Aventer: I was there for that first voicemail. The one about meeting at the dance studio. We were here together.”

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