People Magazine Spins Latavia Roberson Story



Grammy Award Winning Singer/Songwriter of Destiny’s Child LaTavia Roberson recently has a BIG problem with PEOPLE Magazine. She sat down with them to talk about her memoir, “I Am LaTavia,” and the conversation she had with with isn’t as accurate the way she wants it to be. The singer isn’t too happy with how they spun the story.

PEOPLE named their piece “LaTavia Roberson Says ‘It Wasn’t Pretty’ When She Was Dropped from Destiny’s Child: ‘It Led Me Into a Depression,’” focusing more on her termination from the group than her book. They overlooked all the positive things she discussed and completely disregarded her book.


Ms. Roberson called out the legendary publication via her Twitter account:


Her memoir is titled “I Am LaTavia” & it is scheduled for release sometime in this year.

Do you think LaTavia has a right to be upset?

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