After Throwing Over $1 Million In The Strip Club, Quality Control CEO P Buys His Baby Mama Kaylar A House and His Other Baby Mama Lira Galore Diamonds!


According to The Jasmine Brand, Quality Control Music CEO is taking an interesting approach to parenting, giving both of his baby mamas – models Lira Galore and Kaylar Will – equal treatment on the national holiday for lovers, Valentine’s Day!

Kaylar Will, Pierre “Pee” Thomas, Lira Galore

Pierre shared a sweet Valentine’s Day message to Kaylar on her Instagram photo, revealing that he gifted her with a new home and Bentley truck in anticipation of their newborn baby. His comment read:

“@qcmceo_p Happy Valentine’s Day Mother Of My Son. I look forward to us both doing the right things as two grown adults co parenting. Enjoy your new Bentley Truck and your New Home. You never have to pay rent another day in your life. Congrats home owner and new mother. PS. A Responsible Father”

In the meantime, he spent the holiday with his rumored fiancee – girlfriend, Lira. He showered her with an icy diamond charm bracelet, and a rose petal-covered luxury hotel stay.

In December, Pee revealed that both Kaylar and Lira were pregnant with his children. He quickly posted and deleted a photo of a pregnant Kaylar to his Instagram Story – seemingly to the surprise of Lira

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