Say What Now: Kandi Implies Phaedra Cheated On Apollo

kandi burruss and phaedra parks


Remember back when Kandi Burruss and Phaedra Parks were the best of friends. I truly miss those times. For the past few seasons they have just fallen apart and the tension is so thick between them at times it can be rather uncomfortable to watch. In a recent episode of  ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’  Grammy award winner Kandi Burruss made some interesting allegations about her former best friend political activist and esteemed attorney Phaedra Parks accusing her of cheating on her husband, Apollo Nida. The man in question is “Mr. Chocolate” a Atlanta stipper who Ms. Parks represents who is known for doing very salacious things with his private parts.

Adding fuel to the fire Phaedra’s husband Apollo (who is currently in prison serving a 8 year sentence) is now newly engaged and the woman will be introduced to the viewers at some point this season.

What it is?



If Mr. Chocolate sounds familiar to you, remember back  when Phaedra’s arch enemy Kenya Moore made claims alluding to the affair  during the episode ‘Chocolate Does the Body Good’ which aired on February 15th 2015.

What to make of all this tea?

Do you think Phaedra really had an affair on Apollo?

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