Seaspice Restaurant In Miami, Great Food & Great Views!


Lately I’ve been searching for a restaurant in Miami where not only the food was good but, where I could enjoy the atmosphere. I think I’ve found it by visiting “Seaspice” restaurant in Miami. I had a reservation set for 4:00pm and when I arrived I was absolutely amazed by the beautiful scenery.


The restaurant sits right on the water where you can enjoy views of some of Miami’s tallest buildings and people enjoying a nice, sunny, weekend out of their boats. I was immediately guided by the hostess to my seat and you can choose to sit inside of the restaurant or close by the water and the boats. Myself and my family sat by the water and the boats so we could enjoy the view.


When the waiter arrived to the table he asked if this was our first time visiting and of course we said yes. He asked us some of our favorite foods and recommended some items on the menu, we started off with two appetizers. We ordered the aushak dumplings topped with leeks, flowering chives, ground lamb, yogurt sauce as well as pata negra Ham croquettes with smoked cherry compote.


We started off with their delicious bread topped with garlic and butter before they brought the appetizers, which was really delicious. Then, when the appetizers arrived and we dug right into them. They were extremely mouthwatering. After three or four bites I was so full so I decided to try some of their drinks.


Personally I recommend their rums. I’m not sure of the exact name of the drinks I order but, I know that they were in the rum section. All in all my experience with Seaspice was amazing. The staff was friendly, our waiter was very attentive and the food was delectable.

Plan on taking a visit to Seaspice? See below for details!


WEBSITE: Seaspice Miami
ADDRESS: 422 NW North River Dr, Miami, FL 33128
PHONE NUMBER: (305)440-4200
INSTAGRAM: @SeaspiceMia

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