SuperTrailer! Basketball Wives LA Season 5 Is Back!

Basketball Wives is back, and they have added two new characters to the messy mix of women.

In a new supertrailer released by VH1, Jackie Christie, Shaunie O’ Neal, Angel Brinks, Malaysia Pargo, Tami Roman and Brandi Maxiell (yes Brandi) are joined by two new faces. Angel Love, and DJ Duffey have joined forces with the other women to stir up some mess for the 5th season of the show.

Shaunie and Brandi have some unresolved issues from last season, as seen in the trailer. We thought Shaunie fired her? That may not be the case considering Brandi and her BFF Malaysia are seen having words about Brandi’s new best friend DJ Duffy. (You know how protective we women are over our BFFS, especially when another woman is involved lol.)

Dj Duffy clearly has one enemy however… the infamous Tami Roman. Ol’ hair snatching Tami isn’t here for Duffy after the two have a falling out over an apparent problem that surfaces when Duffy decides to work with one of Tami’s daughters. In the preview Tami is heard saying something along the lines of, “She said she was going to put hands on me on sight.” (Oh girl them fighting words!)

Jackie Christie is still being herself (messy). In one scene a blonde haired woman tells Angel (Brinks) Jackie coaxed her (the blonde) into telling her (Angel) that she slept with her baby daddy.  Of course Jackie denies she didn’t, but I’m pretty convinced she did, and I haven’t even see the show yet.

The new season is set to premiere July 17th, and the supertrailer can be watched below!

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