Taylor Swift To Do A R&B influenced Album

Could The Grammy Award Winning Princess Of Pop & Country music Taylor Swift be switching gears once again and try her hand at a R&B influenced album?

The Sun is reporting that the multi-platinum selling mega-star next album will be “a real mix of edgier hip-hop and R&B sounds.”

Im sure we were all wondering what was going on with the recent closeness between she & Drake. The Sun is claiming the two are in the studio because she reportedly “enlisted” him “to give her tunes an urban sound.”

Their prediction continues:

“Taylor is always looking at ways to grow as an artist and really wants to try something different and unexpected for the next album. She’s not afraid of experimenting so is working with a lot of different faces to see if she suits a new sound. The remix of her song ‘Bad Blood’ had a less pop vibe — especially once Kendrick Lamar featured on it — and was a big hit, so she thinks her fans will like her going in this direction.”

If Beyonce can do country why can’t Taylor try her hand at R&B, I would definitely be HERE for that.

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