The Best Place To Brunch In Dania Beach Is “Bake Shack!”

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Personally, one of my favorite breakfast foods are waffles. So, when I found out that Bake Shack, located in Dania Beach, had one the BEST waffles in the area I just had to try it out for myself. Me and a group of my friends decided to try this place on a Friday afternoon and experience their brunch. We were greeted by one of the businesses female employees as well as the owner Emilio whose personality was so warm and helpful during the entire visit. I ordered the waffles with sausage and bacon and my friends ordered pancakes. All of the batter is made from scratch and you can most definitely tell. I’ve never eaten a waffle that tastes just as good the day after. The waffle was nice, fluffy, topped with powdered sugar and sided with butter and syrup. It was a lot for me to finish alone so I took it home with me and put it in the oven. I thought it was great the first time I tried it, but it was absolutely amazing the next day. I’d definitely give this place four stars. If you plan on visiting I would recommend going early so you can have a guaranteed table before the place gets full. All of the restaurants information can be found below, trust me you won’t regret vising this place.






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  1. Jayce

    November 6, 2016 at 10:14 am

    He was a trained chef in Egypt, guess it do8;2&#en17st take much for him to get a great dish up… actually almost all the restaurants in that mid-eastern neighborhood are quite small and crampy, all they got is great chef & great food (at inexpensive price)… they know people who are crazy about food don’t care about anything else anyway 😉

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