Say What Now?!?! Wendy Williams Mother In Law Reportedly Says She Witnessed Wendy Being Choked and Punched In The Face By Husband!

Getty Images

Getty Images

As we all may know, talk show host Wendy Williams has put her show on hold due to health issues. But is that really the case? According to claims from her husbands mother, Wendy’s show may be on hold due to domestic abuse. William’s mother-in-law told The National Enquirer that she had seen her son using violence against his wife. The actions she is said to have witnessed include “Kevin choking out Wendy” and “pushing her down the stairs.” Apparently, seeing Wendy with a sling compelled the parent to offer up this information for publication, betraying the entertainer’s efforts to cover up the alleged violent nature of the relationship.

This same report states that multiple sources have come forward with similar tales of depicting Hunter “choking her, kicking her and punching her in the face.” One of these sources is said to stem from a former employee’s lawsuit that mentions “horrendous physical abuse at the hands of her husband.” If this is true we hope Wendy seeks help, domestic violence is very serious.

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